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Account Management:
All of our customers are assigned an account manager to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the products you purchase and the service you are receiving. The Account Manager will periodically inspect your vending area and meet with you to review our performance and insure you are receiving the best possible service. He/she will keep you updated on any new products and/or new equipment that may benefit your company. He/she will also inform you on “product sales” or “holiday specials” we are currently running. It is this proactive approach that sets us apart.

If desired, our account manager can take your coffee inventory for you within each department so your team does not need to be bogged down with the responsibility of coffee orders. Your coffee order can be delivered weekly or bi-weekly, whichever you prefer. Our managers are trained not to over or under-stock your departments. They will learn each department’s tendencies and can anticipate when coffee consumption increases or decreases due to changing seasons or holidays.

Service and Response Time:
Our trucks are in your area on a daily basis and we can provide service to your facility several times per week, in order to ensure that your employees and clients always have access to filled vending machines.

Unlike many other refreshment companies, whose phones are answered by a machine, a person in our service department is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week. Several of our clients operate around the clock, i.e., nursing homes, TV stations. We have received letters from the employees at these locations stating how pleased they are when a non-functioning coffee or vending machine is reported at 5 a.m. and our service technician appears within one hour. We aim to have all service calls responded to the same day --- often within one to two hours. We stress that when our service technicians leave your location, the machines are working without fail.

We provide our clients with a refund “bank” and a refund sheet. The benefit of a refund “bank” is the convenience of not having to pay refunds out of petty cash. Any issue that requires a refund is recorded on the refund sheet. The refund sheet is mailed or faxed to our office on a needed basis and our driver will deliver your refunds in a sealed envelope the next time he is at your facility. The refund sheet also helps us to zero in on potential problems with our machines and handle them quickly.

We are fully insured and copies of our coverage can be provided at your request.

What Else:
If you still don't believe us; we encourage you to give us a call today, so we can set up a meeting and convince you that we are the vending company that will really make a difference to your establishment.
If you are interested in our services we encourage you to contact us to see how we can service your business. For a faster response we recommend that you fill out our online application by clicking the link below. All of the information we need can be found on that page.
LOCAL: 215.947.4837
E-MAIL: sales@vendingservices.org
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